01. Spatial Analysis

Advanced Spatial
Analysis for Everyone

Flexible and intuitive to ensure Enernite fits your business, not the other way around.


Import, upload or explore data directly from Enernite’s growing data catalog.


Use advanced analysis to filter, run multi criteria analysis, evaluate buildability and more.


Utilize selection criteria for comparison and ranking of site suitability.


Export data from a portfolio for downstream work, e.g. maps, geodata and reports.

02. Data

Planning Data
Directly Accessible

Browse our Data Catalog to discover thousands of public & premium datasets to enrich your data.

We compile a wide range of datasets across categories, from environmental data to infrastructure to planning data.

We spend time vetting providers so you don’t have to. We work side by side with market leaders to provide you the highest-quality, most accurate & relevant data globally.

Enernite Platform allows you to create geospatial data by importing files from your computer or via URL. Once a file is imported, the resulting table can be previewed in Data Explorer and used in directly in maps.

Pull in data from best-in-class storage providers through Enernite’s world-class connectors and integrations.​

03. Collaborate

Easy Sharing, Both In-house
and to External Contributors

After all, the best work doesn’t come from siloed workflows. Modern teams are made for collaboration.

Real-time multiplayer collaboration. Collaborate with your whole team and nail every task the first time. Update and explore the same data in the map.

Select the datasets from your proprietary organization data catalog and copy them easily to specific projects.

Permission control. Control how your team interacts with your business’s projects, data, and reports.​

Real-time updates on actions related to the chat, files, and mentions, so you can stay informed and keep track of important conversations and documents.

Customize your notification preferences, such as setting specific channels to notify you only for specific events, or muting notifications for a certain period.

Powered by AI

Data extracted from satellite imagery by
groundbreaking machine learning (ML) models.

Solar Farm Detection

Computer vision on earth-observation data to locate utility-scale solar farms

Building Detection

Computer vision on earth-observation data to locate buildings and infrastructure

Land Cover Classification

Computer vision on earth-observation data to classify land use

And so much more...

Next-generation geospatial analytics features offering growing suite of tools for working with renewable energy development

Tile Engine

Permission control. Control how your team interacts with your business’s


Drill down and filter data features with unrivaled power, precision and speed.

Data Editor

Scale to millions of features per dataset and keep the performance

Data Query

Query operations to import complex data sources directly into map

Spatial Analysis

Tap into an offering growing suite of spatial analysis tools

Tiered Sorting

Quickly organize data features in any way that comes to mind.

Ready to see
it in action?

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