Introducing Enernite

Fredrik Moger

Fredrik Moger

Co-Founder & CEO

Slow start to the year? Not for Enernite! After some time in stealth mode, we are now live and ready to accelerate renewable energy investments in emerging markets.

Energy access in emerging markets

More than one billion people around the world have little to no access to electricity, with 95% distributed in Asia and sub-Saharan Africa. Access to energy is a fundamental human need, and gaining access to electricity drastically improves quality of life and is a key imperative to thrive in the modern economy.

According to International Energy Agency data, scaling up Africa’s capacity to achieve universal access to energy by 2030 would require over $100 billion per year, of which 40% would be dedicated to renewable energy.

Given the complexity of factors affecting renewable energy investments, the lack of data in emerging markets constrains the flow of capital to clean energy initiatives.

Introducing Enernite

Enernite is launching today to change this situation. Our platform, developed by a founding team with experience in data analysis and software development gives investment companies and energy developers deep insight about investment opportunities and site-screening. We do this by combining satellite data and automated information gathering, and thus help accelerate renewable energy investments in emerging markets.

Enernite addresses the complexity of factors affecting renewable energy investments via four key capabilities:

  • Hybrid data insight by applying state-of-the-art intelligence on satellite data combined with automated data gathering from publicly available data sets.
  • Contextualizing data in an early phase by structuring technical, social, environmental and economical data.
  • Cross-referencing data by mapping multiple data sets and analyzing relationship and interactions between data elements.
  • Scaling potential sites assessed by reducing time consumed on manual data gathering and increasing number of preference permutations.