Initating Research Project with Regional Research Fund

Vegard J. Løwe

Vegard J. Løwe

Co-Founder & CFO/COO

During the last months, Enernite has been awarded public grants for the development of software and conducting market research. These grants will be important for our progress and be essential for further product development.

In June, Enernite was awarded market validation grants from Innovation Norway. The goal of the project is to work closely with players in the energy sector to gain insight and develop modules to create value for our customers. We want to confirm that the software is as scalable and valuable as predicted through an agile development process.

In September, Enernite initiated a research project together with the Norwegian University of Science and Technology and a commmercial partner (confidential ). The project is supported financially by Regional Research Fund (RFF) Trøndelag. We will, together with the consortium, explore feasible factors from satellite imagery and develop techniques to extract data from satellite images.

The support from Innovation Norway and Regional Research Fund would be essential for us to create software to accelerate the energy transition to a sustainable future. We would like to thank Innovation Norway and the Regional Research Fund for support of innovation in business across the country.

Innovation Norway

Innovation Norway is the Norwegian Government's most important instrument for innovation and development of Norwegian enterprises and industry. They support companies in developing their competitive advantage and enhancing innovation. Their programs and services are intended to create more successful entrepreneurs, more enterprises with capacity for growth, and more innovative business clusters.

Regional Research Fund

The Regional Research Fund supports the region's priority focus areas. Within these areas, they will also contribute to long-term, basic competence building in relevant research environments. The goal is to develop good and competitive research environments in all counties.